New WordPress Reader Layout

I must admit to some difficulty with the new “Discover” tag WordPress is using in replacement of the old “Freshly Pressed” page. I liked the old page and it lead me to some really cool blogs that I would never have started reading without it.

I’m also having some trouble with the lack of ‘search tags’ option on the sidebar of the “Reader” page. I can no longer search my favourite tags instead if I want to search the tags I need to ‘follow’ them. Maybe I’m missing a key search function on this site but this change has not made the content that WordPress holds more accessible to me. :/

I suppose I mostly just don’t like change but I don’t see how these new changes actually help the site.

Dear Religious People

Dear religious people who find themselves capable of practicing their chosen religion peacefully,

You do not need to apologize to me or anyone else for the actions of deranged people who ‘think’ they are religious. You are not responsible for the actions of people who apparently lack the basic traits of empathy and kindness.



Disability Discrimination and Job Applications

Turns out that it doesn’t matter what your disability is, companies are equally likely to discrimination against you if you disclose in your application, so says this new study from Rutgers and Syracuse The Disability Employment Puzzle: A Field Experiment on Employer Hiring Behavior.

This is disturbing to me and I really hope that this changes for the better because it honestly doesn’t make any sense if the potential candidate is qualified.